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Gravity defying stunts on the way to Kala Pokhari: Sandakphu Trek Day 3

“Okay, so we have two options. Either we take the straight but highly steep path via Kaiyakata, which is also the more popular route. Or we take the slightly roundabout but easier on the legs jungle route,” said Rahul, on the morning of our trek to Kala Pokhari. We were sitting outside the Trekkers’ Hut, …

Hills are a-calling, Travels

The long, REALLY long walk to Gairibas: Sandakphu Trek Day 2

In Bengali, there’s a popular song which, when translated, goes roughly like this – What if this path we’re on never ended? How would that be? It’s meant to sound romantic, but I’ve always found it a tad ominous. And turns out, I was right. This song became the theme of our “short and easy” …

Hills are a-calling, Travels

Journeying to Tumling and Almost Dislocating my Organs: Sandakphu Trek Day 1

“We’re not going to hike to Tumling?” I asked while standing at the busy rent-a-rover counter at Maanebhanjang. “This is your first trek. Let’s not push it,” said Rahul. I’d be miffed at the condescension, had it not come from someone far fitter & more experienced at trekking than I was. So I nodded and …