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Walk Your Own Path. Because You Only Get One.

Facebook envy is real. Scrolling down the feeds, it’s easy to feel this prick of envy when you see how well life is shaping up for so many out there. You know, like the ones who are traveling the world. The ones who have the coolest jobs and the love of their lives. The ones …

Life Talk, Musings

What You Stop Doing Is As Important As What You Start

Last week, after a long and arduous hour of grocery [aka junk food] shopping, I decided to unwind at a nearby bookstore. The moment I entered the store, I felt euphoric. Because here, much to my delight, there was an entire section dedicated to stationeries, or to be more precise –  diaries. Now, I have …

Life Talk, Musings

The Crazy, Stupid thing called Hope

Once upon a time, you believed in fairy tales. In beanstalks leading to secret treasure vaults in clouds and toads turning into princes. In fairy godmothers who create the perfect dress out of thin air and genies in lamps who grant every whimsical wish. In true love’s kiss that breaks death’s slumber and happy endings …