Who’s Mukto?

This is Muktobrinda. Commonly addressed as Mukto.

She’s a brunette, serial tea guzzler, incurably optimistic and literally myopic.

She loves words in all its forms. Is an avid reader, writer, and frequent wanderer. Works as a freelance copywriter for her living. Blogs for happiness.

She believes in desires, daydreams and the beauty of a free soul. Loves the individualistic. Loathes the invertebrate.

An introvert at heart, she is territorial about her solitude. Though she doesn’t mind letting few of her favourite people in, occasionally. Her vices include an easily-tempted sweet tooth, sarcasm when faced with willful stupidity, and an affinity for all things Bollywood –  and she refuses to be apologetic about either of them.

She can be reached at mukto.d@gmail.com for work or general curiosity related queries. She doesn’t mind being stalked (from a respectable distance) at @being_mukto on Instagram either.

P.S. She doesn’t usually talk in the third person. This is an aberration. She’s a perfectly nice and non-facetious lady otherwise.